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Thing > Intangible > Enumeration > MedicalEnumeration > PhysicalExam
Thing > MedicalEntity > MedicalProcedure > PhysicalExam

A type of physical examination of a patient performed by a physician.

An Enumeration with:
Enumeration members
PropertyExpected TypeDescription
Properties from MedicalProcedure
bodyLocation Text Location in the body of the anatomical structure.
followup Text Typical or recommended followup care after the procedure is performed.
howPerformed Text How the procedure is performed.
preparation MedicalEntity  or
Typical preparation that a patient must undergo before having the procedure performed.
procedureType MedicalProcedureType The type of procedure, for example Surgical, Noninvasive, or Percutaneous.
status EventStatusType  or
MedicalStudyStatus  or
The status of the study (enumerated).

Instances of PhysicalExam and its enumeration members or subtypes may appear as a value for the following properties

PropertyOn TypesDescription
identifyingExam MedicalSign A physical examination that can identify this sign.