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A Enumeration Type

This term is in the "new" area - implementation feedback and adoption from applications and websites can help improve our definitions.
Enumerates different price types, for example list price, invoice price, and sale price.

Instances of PriceTypeEnumeration may appear as a value for the following properties
PropertyOn TypesDescription
priceType CompoundPriceSpecification  or
Defines the type of a price specified for an offered product, for example a list price, a (temporary) sale price or a manufacturer suggested retail price. If multiple prices are specified for an offer the priceType property can be used to identify the type of each such specified price. The value of priceType can be specified as a value from enumeration PriceTypeEnumeration or as a free form text string for price types that are not already predefined in PriceTypeEnumeration.

Enumeration members